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New car key system allows parents restrict their kids speed-

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London: In a good news for protective parents, they can now limit the speed of their reckless kids' cars by using a new control key system to be available in the market soon.

The system developed by Ford Motors called MyKey, which will be on shelves in the UK from next month, interfaces with the computer systems on board its latest cars to place restrictions on drivers using the special keys.

It works by recognising different keys for the same car and then adjusting the vehicle settings according to the owner's requirements, with the capacity to limit the top speed to 128 Kph, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

The limits are linked to the specific key, so parents concerned about their inexperienced children can limit top speed and stereo volume for youngsters while retaining full functionality for themselves.

'Ford's MyKey allows parents to tailor vehicle performance and driver environment to suit individual users,' the company said.

'Permanent enabling of safety and driver aids as well as speed and audio limiting give parents greater control without impacting on young drivers' independence,' it said.

In addition to limiting speeds and volumes, the system also prevents the driver from deactivating safety technologies like stability control which can help avoid low-speed collisions.

Stability control helps prevent the kinds of loss-of-control incidents which inexperienced drivers are more likely to suffer, the report said.

With the help of the system, the maximum speed cap can be combined with speed limit warning chimes that cut in at 72 kph, 88 kph and 105 kph - a feature included after market research showed speeding was the biggest worry of parents of young drivers.

Manufacturers claim the MyKey system can also be programmed to alert the driver that fuel is running low sooner than it would normally, with the warning light flashing when 121 km worth of fuel is left rather than 80 km.

The system feature limits the volume of the car stereo to just 44 per cent to ensure youngsters are less distracted and disables the sound system altogether if the driver and passengers are not wearing seat-belts.

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