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You too can learn!-

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First of all positive attitude creates positive energy that is very much necessary to absorb the studied material. Negative mind will never receive information better.   

Regular attendance is a must - If you attend classes daily you will be there to listen to all the lessons the teachers teach and won't miss important days. Frankly, it will take tons of load to break through the lesson what the teacher has taught in the class. In other words its easy to remember or learn more if you are in class when the teacher is teaching than if you skipped class and then take notes later on.

Set goals - Set goals like 'get good marks in math, science etc' for yourself and then try your hardest to achieve those goals. If you fail once, don't give up, keep trying.

Everyday homework - Never carry over homework’s, atlas one day you will be the one breaking your head to complete it.

Ask for help when need it - If you have a question on something, ask for help, don't just leave it behind. You can ask anybody who has knowledge on the subject that you need help with like your parents, teacher, brother or sister. It will most definitely help you in tests and quizzes.

Manage your time effectively - It will help you reduce anxiety and focus on studying. If you have a test next week, start studying now. Try not to study at the last minute and cram the night before.

Try studying 1 or 2 hours daily and leave a half hour for homework. If you study before you do homework, it will help you do your homework faster and help you understand the subject better.

Daily review - After school, review what you learned that day.

Develop test smarts - It will really help and increase your confidence in writing exams if you're familiar with the typical exam format, common errors to avoid, and know how the concepts in a subject area usually tested.

Know and adapt your personal learning style - It will help you maximize your learning by using effective study techniques, developing meaningful notes, and make the most efficient use of your study time.

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