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Significance of Accreditation for Indian Management Schools - A perspective- 5-Oct-2022

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Significance of Accreditation for Indian Management Schools - A perspective

- Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy, Associate Dean, School of Business Management, NMIMS 

Institutional building is a key to building sustainable competitive advantage and to remain relevant to the needs of the market.  It ensures an institution’s commitment to quality education and adhering to the philosophy of realising its long-term vision. It is a process of continuous evaluation of an institute’s commitment to quality. 

Higher education institutes offering management education has increased exponentially. The competition is fierce and there is a growing need to establish relevance of the program offerings, to attract the best faculty, students. The institute’s reputation depends on the market accepting the MBA graduates as well-groomed and job ready.  This is where the international accreditations from prestigious bodies help. They serve as a holistic certificate of the quality of an institute. Being awarded international accreditations ensure that the institute is serious about maintaining world class standards in imparting education. They put them on par with the best business schools around the world. 

Process of accreditation. 

An institute gets accreditation after an independent international body rigorously scrutinises, assesses and reviews an institute on factors such as academic ambience, teaching and learning methods, technological support for delivering sessions and the presence of appropriately qualified faculty and professional staff support. 

How does it help to Accredit programs/ institute?

Most important advantage is joining the league of globally known, reputed institutions. This provides opportunities for concurrent and continuous improvement of processes and also to benchmark.  As the processes  of accreditation maps end to end service coordination from admission to final graduation students find the mark of accreditation assures the MBA aspirant that they are in good hands.  An institute adhering to global standards in education immediately opens up vistas for them when it comes to jobs and positions. As for employers in search of the right candidate, they would prefer a student from an accredited institute, being assured of the quality of education they have received and the competencies they have developed through assurance of learning processes.  

Leading international accreditations

AMBA – Association of MBAs

AMBA accredits MBA, DBA, and master’s degree programs at more than 260 Business Schools in more than 75 countries, with a philosophy focused on accreditation impact, employability and learning outcomes. 

AMBA bases their accreditation criteria on ‘impact, employability and learning outcomes’. Only the programs that avow impeccable standards in teaching, learning, employability of the students and pioneering curriculum, among other stringent criteria, pass their muster to be valid for accreditation. In India, eleven business schools are AMBA accredited, including Schools of managements at NMIMS Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

For business schools in India to get AACSB has been a recent development. It is very difficult for Indian business schools to map up to the AACSB levels because their standards are very strict. And, it is not only about documentation, but also about making continuous improvements across different standards. 

EQUIS – European Quality Improvement System 

EQUIS bases its accreditation parameters on an institute’s capability in governance, internationalisation, faculty, ethics and responsibility and sustainability.  

Triple Crown:  The business schools accredited by all the above three accreditation bodies get to be titled Triple Crown. 


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