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Engineering study is beyond providing knowledge!- 17-Aug-2022

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Some media over the past 10 years have been portraying in poor light the decline in demand for engineering studies and the lack of proper job opportunities for engineering graduates.

In contrast, as college administrators, every year we are witnessing development and the continuous growth of Engineering graduates. If you take a look at 'top' 100 colleges, both admissions and campus placements are exceptionally good.  Colleges with substances continuously move towards growth.

Colleges need to help develop skills:

Every field has got its own challenges. Colleges need to develop the needed skills in the students during the 4 years of studying to face the challenges of life.  As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, all the colleges may follow one syllabus and award the same degree from Anna university. But, colleges may differ in the manner in which they develop skills, provide opportunities, and offer modern and necessary infrastructure.              

It’s high time colleges need to realize that teaching alone is not engineering education. Colleges must understand the needs and wants of the students and subject them to progressive change. Analytical and creative thinking skills are high in demand today. Along with them, every educational institution should take necessary steps to develop soft skills, technical skills, research skills, leadership qualities, and diverse skill sets.

Imperative to create opportunities: 

Though, speaking exactly what is on one's mind may seem very simple. But, today, we see more students who struggle to open their mouths and express their thoughts appropriately. Such students need to be trained to become effective communicators.

Every educational institution needs competent professors. In addition to this, the students should be provided with the opportunity to connect with companies, chat with experts, and pursue internships at the national level.

Realizing all the above factors and implementing them in our educational institutions has enabled us to be in the top 100 NIRF ranking.

--Abey Shankar, Vice President, Rajalakshmi Educational Institutions, Chennai.


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