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Admission to M.Tech at University of Calcutta-

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Applications are invited for the admission to M.Tech at University of Calcutta.


2 year(4 Semester) full time M.Tech:

(1) Radio Physics & Electronics (RPE, Code No.101) (2) VLSI DESIGN (VLSI, Code No.102) (Self Financing) (3) Computer Sc. & Engg. (CSE, Code no.104) (4) Information Technology (IT, Code no.105) (Self Financing) (5) Electrical Engineering (EE, Code No.107) (6) Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE, Code No.109) (7) Optics and Optoelectronics (OO, Code No.111) (8) Chemical Engineering (CE, Code No.113) (9) Polymer Science & Technology (PST, Code No.114) (10) Ceramic Engineering (CR, Code No.115) (11) Oil Technology (OT, Code No.116) (12) Petrochemical & Petroleum Refinery Engineering (PE, Code No.117) (13) Pharmaceutical Technology (PT, Code No.118) (14) Biomedical Instrumentation (BMI, Code No.112) (Self Financing)

3 year(6 Semester) part time M.Tech:

(15) Electrical Engineering (EE-PT, Code No.108) (Self Financing) (16) Instrumentation & Control Engineering (ICE-PT, Code No.110), (Self Financing) (17) Computer Engineering & Application (CEA-PT, Code No.106) (Self Financing) (18) VLSI Design (VLSI-PT, Code No.103) (Self Financing)

(19) 2 yr. (4 semesters) M.Tech. Course in Textile Technology (Technical Textiles) (TT, Code No.119) in the Dept. of Jute & Fibre Technology, 35, B.C. Road, Kolkata 700019.

Date of online submission of application: 06.04.2023 - 04.05.2023

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