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Making it to Germany through LISD!-

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London Institute of Skills Development (LISD) - International Learning Centre, facilitates foreign students to pursue higher education and work in Germany.

BA., Business Administration / Entrepreneurship / International Marketing / Hospitality Management / Aviation Management /
BSc., Computer Science / Data Science / Business & IT/ Cyber-security
BE., Industrial Engineering & Management, Robotics
MBA., One -year
MBA., One year and 6 months
Divisions: Engineering Management / IT Management / International Marketing / Finance & Accounting / Big Data Management
Diploma courses
Certification Courses  
In terms of educational quality, Germany is considered one of the top study destinations in the world and considered one of the best providers of education.

A leader in innovation, business, and engineering, career prospects with a German degree are diverse and far-reaching.

No IELTS but English language evidence needed 

LISD provides online English course, after which it provides a completion certificate and a confirmation letter that can be used as evidence for Language learning to apply.

In Germany, skilled professionals are in high demand and around 20% of the German population has a migration background. The country is welcoming to
educated immigrants and offers the EU Blue Card scheme for residency. And, post-study visas are available: If you choose to carry out your last semester in
Germany, you have the chance to remain in the country for 1.5 years after graduating to search for a job.

LISD-ILC, Germany provides FREE German language classes to all the students in order to enable them to meet the Permanent Residence / Nationality

Contact Details:
Regional Consultant East Asia
London Institute of Skills Development
Mobile/WhatsApp: (+60) 16 2090 584


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