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Pokhirial claims India turned pandemic into opportunity- 8-Apr-2021

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Pune: Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal on Wednesday said India has turned the COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity, unlike other nations.    

He said the government wanted to create "human beings and not machines" through its educational policies.
"Education is responsible for the overall development of a human being. We have a legacy of the universities like Takshila and Nalanda. India was the leader in education in the world during those times. We have always considered the world as one family," Pokhriyal said.
He was speaking as the chief guest at the fifth edition of the annual international conference on Internalisation of Higher Education (IHE 2021),organised by the Symbiosis International, Association of Indian Universities (AIU) in collaboration with Obreal Global India Chapter and the World Bank.
The minister said, "India turned the pandemic into an opportunity whereas other advanced nations went backwards due to the pandemic (sic)".
He said the government's objective is that the last person in our country receives the benefit of the National Education Policy (NEP).
"We are inviting international universities in our country. We have formed the Academic Book of Creditto facilitate students to become their academic account holders and pave the way for seamless student mobility between or within a degree. The NEP 2020 is also focusing on the education and development of teachers," he added.


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