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Important official websites towards overseas education!-

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Even though many have great desire to study in foreign countries, it highly imperative know finer  and important details such as to find out and apply to a good institution that also comprises high-quality department with good faculties; rules & regulation to obtain visa; documents necessary; educational scholarship; and cost of living and lifestyle

To get this information students and parents go to an overseas educational consultant or counsellor. The most important fact is that the information obtained here is right. The biggest and most important question is that is it right to blindly join the institution that they recommend!?

It is always good to be prepared and have better clarity on the facts like, whether the education institute is an affiliated one, rejection or delay in visa process.

In order to provide better clarity to students, top education institution’s official websites or the country’s embassy websites provide authentic information.
Recognised institutions provide details on the way to apply for a visa and to go out on other mandatory documents.

If needed, students can approach the embassy office of the country to clarify doubts and go about the overseas admission process.              

Below are some important official websites of various countries that provide authentic information on overseas education.  
* England
* America
* China
* Germany
* France
* Canada
* Australia
* New Zealand
* Sweden
* Finland
* Netherland

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