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How to prepare yourself for public exams – Economics?-

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With little more caution and awareness about current economic situation it is easy to score good marks in Economics. After mathematics, more failures take place in Economics.

Study according to the blue print of the question paper. Practice answering previous years question papers to score well in the one mark section. Then only it is possible to score full marks in this section. Totally 50 questions are asked in the one mark section.

It comprises questions like fill in the blanks, choose the correct answer, match the following and provide short answers. Totally, 40 questions are taken from question provided behind every chapter and the rest 10 questions are taken from any part of the textbook.

Only by doing a profound study, it is possible to score full marks in the one mark section. One mark question determines the possibility of scoring full marks. So, understand the importance of one mark question and carry out careful preparation accordingly.  

In the twenty mark questions, it is necessary to answer only three out of six. Whether it is ten mark question or twenty-mark question it is important write more. Since, books are printed once in three or four years the examples provided in the textbook becomes out dated in due course of time. Most students write these old examples in the public exam that results in losing some valuable marks. Students should learn to provide the latest changes and developments when answering questions that require giving examples as for as Economics is concerned.

It is very good to provide a supporting diagram for answers that require pictorial representation in Economics. Learn to provide the apt diagram given in the textbook along with the descriptive answer for ten mark questions and twenty mark questions. It gives better chance of scoring full marks in the subject.   

Since there are lot choices available, it is not necessary to study all chapters as for as the question paper is concerned. Study, selecting the important chapters. Instead of just memorizing it very important to understand study. Only then, it would be possible to provide an appropriate answer according to the question and score full marks in Economics.  

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