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How to prepare yourself for public exams – Commerce?-

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Commerce is a subject where scoring full marks is possible if you work hard and practice a lot.

If systematic study is carried out it is very easy to score full marks in commerce. All the questions asked in the exam are actually selected from the questions found in the textbook after every chapter. So, if one carries out a deep study of the entire book its possible to get full marks.

Out of the 40 one-mark questions, 36 are taken from the questions found behind every chapter and the rest 4 questions are taken from the book. Those 4 questions are also asked from Partnership and Private business topics. If clear and complete study is carried out in these chapters, it is possible to score 40 marks in the one-mark question section.

In commerce, altogether there are only 8 chapters. Next is the four mark questions, after the one-mark questions. Out of 15 questions, only 10 need to be answered. Roughly, two questions are asked from each of the eight chapters. Instead of studying the entire book without clarity, if one is thorough with any 5 chapters it is possible to score full marks in the four-mark question section.

Similarly, in the eight-mark question section answer five out of the asked eight questions. As told earlier for the previous section, instead of studying the entire book without clarity, if one is thorough with any 5 chapters it is possible to score full marks in this eight-mark question section too.

Next is the long answer section. Each question carries 20 marks in this section. It is impossible to predict the chapter from where the question would be asked. Every year, questions are asked from different chapters. So, if only thorough in all the eight chapters, it would be possible to score full marks in this section.  It is good to avoid questions that need descriptive long story answers when answering 20-mark questions. Since, there are lots of possibilities of forgetting some key points, apart from which it may also consume too much time. Instead opt for questions that need to be answered with tabulation. Since, answers that require tabulation will not be easily forgotten. As a result, apart from getting full marks, more time would be available at hand to answer other questions. 

For commerce, there are lots of guides available in the shops. Few guides do not have some important points, so it is always good to study from the textbooks. On the whole it is good to avoid guides.

As for as commerce subject is concerned, give 10 minutes to answer one-mark questions, 30 minutes for four mark questions, 40 minutes for eight mark questions, and 90 minutes for 20-mark question.  Allot the last 10 minutes to go through the answer script to find out any silly mistakes, spelling mistakes, calculation errors and for underlining. Hard work and practice can fetch full marks. 

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