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< face=Arial, sans-serif>Books will be purchased < face=Arial, sans-serif>for Medical/ Engineering/ < face=Arial, sans-serif>Law / M.B.A./Veterinary /< face=Arial, sans-serif>Agri. and Polytechnic /< face=Arial, sans-serif>courses and placed in< face=Arial, sans-serif>the Library. On < face=Arial, sans-serif>completion of the course< face=Arial, sans-serif>the students will return< face=Arial, sans-serif>the books to Library.

< face=Arial, sans-serif>Government of India < face=Arial, sans-serif>Scholarship holder among < face=Arial, sans-serif>AD/Tribal students. One < face=Arial, sans-serif>set of Books will be < face=Arial, sans-serif>supplied for every 2 < face=Arial, sans-serif>students

< face=Arial, sans-serif size=2>College Principal

< face=Arial, sans-serif>From 1998-99 onwards one set of Book is supplied for each student not < face=Arial, sans-serif>exceeding Rs.5000/ for the following courses:-

< face=Arial, sans-serif>For the benefit of < face=Arial, sans-serif>students studying in Post < face=Arial, sans-serif>Graduate Courses in < face=Arial, sans-serif>Medical / Engg./ Agri./ < face=Arial, sans-serif>Veterinary Post < face=Arial, sans-serif>Graduate Technical < face=Arial, sans-serif>courses, studies in law < face=Arial, sans-serif>like BL/ LLB 3 Years and < face=Arial, sans-serif>5 years / LLM - ML < face=Arial, sans-serif>(2 years) Chartered < face=Arial, sans-serif>Accountants, Cost < face=Arial, sans-serif>Accountants Intermediate, < face=Arial, sans-serif>Final MBA < face=Arial, sans-serif>( 2 years) and other < face=Arial, sans-serif>equivalent studies

< face=Arial, sans-serif>AD/ Tribal students who < face=Arial, sans-serif>are getting Government of < face=Arial, sans-serif>India Scholarship only.

< face=Arial, sans-serif size=2>College Principal

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