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Higher education in UK! Part I-

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UK, comprising of Great Britain and North Ireland are the most sort destination for higher education by  most foreign students.     

There are lot of reasons for foreign student to opt UK as education destination like right fee structure, quality education, top class education institutions, lot of opportunities to get scholarship, good scope for getting jobs and easy visa processing for students.

Due to these features the student seeking UK as destination for higher education has improved to 42% in comparison to the previous year. Another important factor is that a relative study says job opportunities are extremely high when completing education in UK.    
Popular Programmes:
Generally, Indian students show great deal of interest in courses like  Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Architecture,  Bio-Medicals, Medicine and Law.

How to choose a college?
Its very important for students to select a right educational institution. Just do not pick any one  top college in random to pursue higher education. Instead, carry out a detailed comparative study with other colleges in terms of the particiular course and then select the college. Other important factors to select a college / university is to know more about lecturers, research laboratories, infrastructure, research options available and other skill development opportunities.

Taking into consideration if there are about 200 top educational institutions in the world, 28 educational institutes are in UK.  Among the top 10 ranking educational institutions 4 are are in UK.

It comprises of a curriculum that never compromise on the standards as well as is student friendly. Students wanting to know more about the educational institutions in UK, can directly approach British Council. The primary work of the British Council is to provide information to aspiring students regarding studying in UK.  

New VISA policy for UK:

According to the new visa policy, foreign students can stay in UK for 2 more years after completing Under Graduation or Post graduation to work or search job.

--Janaga Pushpanathan, Director, South India British Council


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