Many talk about Retail field. I am doing BA Economics now. I want to know about the opportunities in this field. | Kalvimalar - News

Many talk about Retail field. I am doing BA Economics now. I want to know about the opportunities in this field.- 16-Jun-2009

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Retail field is actually our old-time grocery shop.  The shop has taken a new birth of course with all latest amenities as required by the modern world.  The investments are also high now as it was not before.  Instead of a few thousands rupees, this field now requires lakhs or crores.  According to the economical progression and  new socio-cultural changes, one can recharge his mobile in the shop where he purchases edible oil.  Even a car can be bought where vegetables are bought. At the national and international level, all colossal establishments like Reliance  and Wal-Mart have stepped into this field.   Beyond all controversies regarding this, it is important to discuss whether they are beneficial or not to the public.

In the  Retail field two important functions happen.   One is bulk procurement.  That is, buying goods in wholesale for sale in the big Retail shops. Next duty is to sell the products already purchased. To do these two jobs, they require a heavy work force. Today, there are many men ready to work in the Retail sector. To be a low level sales representative, no educational qualification is required.  However, for promotion, the person requires qualification in special Retail Studies..  Hence, many organizations not only in metro cities like Chennai, but also in second grade cities like Madurai, have come forward to start soon Retail Studies course.  There are good opportunities in Hyper Market, Super Market, Wholesale Super Bazaar; so there is a bright future if one takes Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate in this field.

We now see around us Retail shops like,  Reliance, Big Bazaar, JC Penney, Tesco, Shoppers Shop, Subiksha and ITC.  Hence, undoubtedly,  Retail field is a special field for future.

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