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Jaipur man uses 2,000 BC 'grapho analysis' to train management students, professionals- 1-Dec-2019

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New Delhi: Ever wondered there may be a link between a person's handwriting and his personality!
For 51-year-old Naveen Toshniwal, a Jaipur-based businessman, centuries old grapho analysis, or the science of studying a person's handwriting, has come handy in training management students and other professionals in helping them improve their personality traits.
The science of grapho analysis goes back to around 2,000 BC in the times of Greek philosopher Aristotle, when he discovered the relation between the human mind and their handwriting, said Toshniwal, a chemical engineer-turned grapho analyst.
The popularity of grapho analysis picked up only a few decades ago, when this science started getting widely accepted as an aid in recruitments, guidance to students, teachers, parents, career counselling and for self-improvement, he said.
"Handwriting is actually 'mind writing'. It reflects our sub-conscious mind on paper. Hence, any conscious efforts to make simple changes in strokes of handwriting impacts the sub-conscious to bring the desired changes in one's character or personality. Practising these small changes in strokes for 5-7 minutes a day for 3-4 weeks can bring out a changed personality in an individual," Toshniwal said.
He said that by analysing the handwriting of a person, one can detect character traits like intelligence, determination level, organising and engineering ability, creativity, imagination power, concentration power and resentment level among others.
Toshniwal said combination of such traits will help in visualising the character of a person, which would otherwise be very difficult to judge in short meetings or interviews.
"Grapho analysis can be very useful for corporate, placement consultants, investigation agencies, matrimonial and above all for self improvement,"  he said.
Toshniwal was given a letter of appreciation by the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad for an informative session on grapho analysis and grapho therapy in August this year.



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