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Stanford University in United States of America which is known for its top class education across the globe offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) studies through online.

Programme: Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate

Course Duration: This course duration is offered from 1 to 2 years that should be completed within  maximum of 3 years time.

Significance: Considering the fact that AI is becoming a craze among youngsters as well as offering huge job scope, it is being offered by Stanford University through online mode as virtual classroom. 

Standford claims that this course is designed particularly to develop right from basic skills to advanced skills in the latest technology of  Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computational Logic.

In order to develop deeper understanding and knowledge, students can also choose additional subjects like Robotics, Vision, Natural Language Processing. 

Who can study?: Software engineers having the interest in the field of AI or graduates with reasonable experience in Python, C++, Java, Linear Algebra and Statistics can study this course.

Fee details: In this study, students can choose anything between 3 to 5 subjects (Graduate Unit) depending on their liking. 1300 US dollars has been fixed as the fee for every subject. Based on this, it would cost INR 2, 80, 000/ for the minimum 3 subjects. 

Apart from Graduate Course, eligible candidates can also choose courses such as Professional Course, Corporate Education and others depending on their own interest. Though the fee may vary, small concession could be obtained on group enrollment. Further, course material could be accessed 24/7. 

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