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I wish to study mechanical engineering after plus 2. Tell me about this course. - 11-Mar-2009

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Mechanical Engineering , a branch of Engineering , deals with Tools, Machines and Mechanical Equipments.  This field has numerous job opportunities in the field of Technology. Many branches of Engineering depend upon Mechanical Engineering for their functioning.

Persons of this field, not only design the product but also manufacture instruments.  These engineers play a vital role in the manufacturing of Mobile phone, DVD and Computers.   The work of   a Mechanical Engineer consists of challenges that kindles interest.   They must possess Technical skill, Analytical skill and Designing skill.  They must substantiate that their products are saleable in the market.

They are in demand not only in Automobile industry, Chemical, Electronics and Steel Factory, Rigs, Redefining, in the technical section of the Army and Space Research but also in government institutions.  Their services are required in the fields like Railways, Postal Department ,  Public service department , Aeronautical, Agricultural and Chemical,  Robotics, Cad, Biomechanics, Automation, Thermal Engineering Systems and Design Engineering and Material Science Engineering.  Do understand that Mechanical Engineering will give you a bright future.

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