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Where to obtain jobs for those who complete Animation Course?- 20-Feb-2009

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Questions related to Animation Studies appear often in this section.   If you possess basic skills apart from systematic education, you have bright future.  If you have Creative skills, Observation skills besides an interest in drawing, this is a suitable course to you. The field of Animation has seen fantastic growth in the last 10 years along with the tremendous growth in the fields of IT and ITES.  Since the fields of T.V., Printing, Cinema, Internet, Web Designing, Fashion Designing, Apparel Designing, Advertisement and Media, have expanded rapidly and enlarged their scopes extensively, they require persons who have completed this studies.  This course on Animation can be pursued only in a few specific specialized private training centers.  UG, PG and Certificate Courses are available there.  Though the fee to be paid is generally high, it can be paid in instalments

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