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Workshop on Computational Brain Research at IIT Madras- 3-Jan-2017

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Chennai: Second Annual Workshop on Computational Brain Research will be held at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) from January 3-7, 2017.

The workshop is organized by the Centre for Computational Brain Research (CCBR) at IIT Madras, whose mission is to explore the interface between Neuroscience and Engineering disciplines.

The technical focus of the workshop includes machine learning, neuroscience, and neuromorphic engineering. The workshop aims to promote awareness of these topics in the country as well as to foster national and international collaborations.

The workshop includes invitedlectures and tutorials by eminent academicians and researchers from across the globe, and will showcase ongoing research at CCBR through presentations and a poster session. An outreach component of the workshop will include participants from the computer and medical industry.

The 1st Annual Workshop on CBR was held from January 4-8, 2016 at IIT Madras and was well-attended with over 100 faculty, students, and industry professionals.The workshop at IIT Madras is being held in conjunction with a corresponding workshop onCBR at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, from January 9-13, 2017.

Speaking about the workshop, Prof. R Nagarajan, Dean, International & Alumni Relations, IIT Madras remarked, “The 2016 Workshop showed that this Centre is already gaining recognition and traction among the world’s leading experts in the field of computational neuroscience. The 2017 edition will build on this by deepening and broadening the engagement between neuroscience and engineering”.

“Are there fundamental principles that apply both to human-made intelligent machines and biological brains? This question provides an enriching scientific context to the technologically importantsubject matter of the workshop,” added Prof.ParthaMitra, Crick-Clay Professor of Biomathematics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and H. N. Mahabala Distinguished Chair Professor at CCBR.

The list of speakers at the workshop includesProf.ParthaMitra (CSHL and IITM-CCBR); Prof. Peter Littlewood (Director, Argonne National Labs and Univ. of Chicago); Prof. Mriganka Sur (MIT and IITM-CCBR); Prof.YoshuaBengio (Univ. of Montreal); Prof Peter Dayan, Director of the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at University College London; Prof. Balaraman Ravindran (IITM-CCBR), Prof. Dmitry Chklovskii (Simons Foundation); Prof. TrichurVidyasagar (Univ. of Melbourne); Prof.AnandRaghunathan (Purdue and IITM-CCBR); Prof. Pavel Osten (CSHL); Prof. Stephane Mallat (EcolePolytechnique); Prof. Pierre Hohenberg (New York Univ.); Prof. Srinivasa Chakravarty (IITM); Prof. Hema Murthy (IITM); Prof. Sukhendu Das (IITM); Prof Mikhail Belkin (Ohio State University);Prof.ShihabShamma (Univ. of Maryland); Prof. Michael Miller (Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute, Johns Hopkins Univ.); Prof. Anirvan Sengupta (Rutgers); Prof. Ramesh Rajan (Monash Univ.); Prof. MohanasankarSivapragasam (IITM); Dr.Vivek De (Fellow, Intel Corp.); Prof Y Narahari (IISc Bangalore), Prof. Vasant Honavar (Penn State Univ.); Prof. Atsushi Iriki (RIKEN Brain Institute)and Phillip Min, US Consul General, Chennai. The detailed workshop programis available at


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