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Disciplining your child with special needs ! (Part 1)-

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The moment you heard the diagnosis, you knew life would be more challenging for your child than for most and feared whether your child could cope up to face the realities.

But here's the truth: If you feel that your son or daughter doesn't deserve discipline, it's like telling your child, 'I don't believe you can learn.' And if you don't believe it, how will your child?

What experts call 'behavior management' is not about punishing or demoralizing your child. Instead, it's a way to set boundaries and communicate expectations in a nurturing, loving way.

Here are some strategies to help parents discipline a child who has special needs.

Be Consistent: The benefits of discipline are the same whether kids have special needs or not. In fact, kids who have trouble learning respond very well to discipline and structure. But for this to work, parents have to make discipline a priority and be consistent.

Correcting kids is about establishing standards — whether that's setting a morning routine or dinnertime manners — and then teaching them how to meet those expectations.  

Yes, they will test these boundaries — all kids do. But it's up to you to affirm that these standards are important and let your child know that you believe he or she can meet them.

Learn About Your Child's Condition:
To understand your child's behavior, you have to understand the things that affect it — including his or her condition. So no matter what challenge your child faces, try to learn as much about the unique medical, behavioral, and psychological factors that affect his or her development.

If you have trouble finding parents of kids with similar challenges, consider joining an online support or advocacy group for families of kids with special needs. Once you know what is typical behavior for your child's age and health challenges, you can set realistic behavioral expectations.

Defining Expectations:
Establishing rules and discipline are a challenge for any parent. So keep your behavior plan simple and work on one challenge at a time. And as your child meets one behavioral goal, he or she can strive for the next one.

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