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Glimpse through 'Kurukshetra 2016' - 14-Feb-2016

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Chennai: The Battle Of Brains' is an International TechnoManagement Festival conducted annually by the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University under the UNESCO patronage.

It is a fourday event which brings to students, Lectures from CEO's, Nobel Laureates and proficient technocrats. Kurukshetra also includes more than 30 Events and Workshops from various field of studies and much more. Every year more than 20,000 participants from across the country participate in the event.

This year, CEG has organised ‘Kurukshetra 2016’, from 17th to 20th February. This tenth edition of the event identifies emerging and aspiring talents in technology and management from across the country.

Mr. Abhas Mitra, former head of theoretical astrophysics at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), will grace the Inauguration of Kurukshetra  2016 which will be held on 17th February.

Mr. Mitra will also preside over a session with the students later. The tenth edition of this festival brings to students eight sessions in the leading edge of technology from top veterans in that field.

The board of guest lecturers includes the likes of Chiragh Dewan, founder of Airocorp; Dr. Seshagiri Rao, Associate Director, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO); Hemanth Kumar Guruswamy, CEO of Airtel Broadband; prolific inventor Masha Nazeem; COO of Bankbazaar, Arjun Shetty and CEO of Freshdesk, Girish Mathrubootham apart from Mr.Angelo Vermeulen; Belgian visual artist, space researcher and the crew commander of the HISEAS MARS Simulation program funded by NASA who enlightened the students on his views about Biomodd on February 6th as part of the pre-k !talk.

The workshops are divided into three categories namely engineering, robotics, management and one more exclusively for school students.

Team Li2 Innovation will enlighten the students on the various concepts related to 3D printing in the twoday workshop titled ‘Build your 3D printer’ which is to be held on the 17th and 18th, February at the Drawing Hall, Knowledge Park. The workshop also avails exciting internship offers to the participants.

Apart from the workshop on 3D printing two more workshops called Creative Coding and Distance Relays & Substation Automation will be held on the same day. Creative coding is the first of its kind workshop in Indian technical fests which will be conducted by Professor Gene Kogan from New York on 17th and 18th, February at Ramanujam Computing Centre (RCC).

Distance relays and Substation Automation is a workshop for electrical students which will be conducted by Alstom to provide information on relays, their role in substation and how automation has taken place in substations and many more. The workshop will be held on 17th and 18th, February at XHall and YHall, EEE Department.

The second day will comprise of a workshop on virtual reality by Samsung at the IT Lab, Information & Technology Department to impart knowledge about the virtual environment to the participants and a session on GPS data acquisition & dynamic analysis of the data using GIS (Geographic Information System) by Mr. Krishna Rao T.V.B., Head of Technical Services Division, ESRI India. this twoday workshop will be
conducted on 18th and 19th, February at IT Lab, Information & Technology Department.

Eye Controlled Robots is a workshop dedicated to designing a robot using open CV. It is a twoday workshop that will be conducted by Team Li2 Innovation on 19th and 20th, February at the Drawing Hall, Knowledge Park. Another workshop on cognitive computing will be conducted on the same days by IBM under the name IBM's Cognitive Computing. This workshop enables the participants to learn and experiment with API used by IBM Watson and will be conducted on 19th and 20th, February at Ramanujam Computer Centre.

‘Krithi’ is the k! workshop exclusively for school students with the aim of infusing the essence of engineering in budding minds. This year the workshop will be held under the topic Home Automation at the Knowledge Park Halls on 20th, February on which a management workshop on ‘Growth hacking’ will be taken by Mr. Hrishikesh Kunte, cofounder of Dance with Madhuri and Mr. Abhishek Joshi, a growth hacker and an
eCommerce professional. Growth Hacking is a marketing technique, developed by technology based startups which use creative techniques and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.

Apart from the workshops and guest lectures many events are also conducted to enhance the participants’ intellect in various fields of technology and management. This year Kurukshetra conducts 33 events under seven categories namely, engineering, management, robotics, general, online, coding and quizzes. Many new and exciting events are introduced in the tenth edition of this fest.

The events under engineering are Building Information Modelling, Circuit Craze, Contraptions, Fully Doped, Godspeed, How Stuff Works and TCS Innovate. Chaos theory, Enigma, Marketing Madness and k!wallet are the events that fall under the management category. Robotics include four events which are Robowars, Tanker Bot, The Gem Quest and k!ardinal Quest.

The general events includes events like Alcatraz, Gambling Math, Model G20 and Word Wars. Bank Robbery, Dalal B ull, Online Programming Contest, Riddles of Sphinx and Sherlock are the online events while the coding category include five events namely, Heptathlon, Ninja Coding, Onsite Programming Contest, Tame the Code and The Intimation Game.

The Quizzes include Sci Tech Quiz, k! General Quiz, k! Open Quiz and an exclusive quiz for college students under the title k! Biz Quiz. k!arnival Welcoming all those who still think they have no place in a technomanagement fest is k!arnival with exciting workshops throughout the day. For the ones who are mystified by the Rubik’s cube, or have always been passionate about photography but never followed up, join us to have handson experience. The doodlers can add a twist to their art with the caricature workshop. Those who are skeptical about the Virtual Reality workshop can glimpse into another world with Samsung’s Gear VR.

EforEducate is an ewaste drive with a charitable twist. It is conducted by the CTF as a part of k!’16. This social initiative drive aims at collecting the ewaste from schools, private organisations and general public to recycle them. The funds generated by recycling the ewaste will be used to support the education of underprivileged children. Many of the wellknown celebrities have joined hands with CTF to support for EforEducate.


Startup Weekend
The S tartup Weekend 2016 is all set to happen from 19th February ( 5 P.M ) to 21st February, 2016 ( 8 P.M ) at College of Engineering, Guindy as part of the tenth edition of Kurukshetra. Startup Weekend has held 1000+ events in 150+ countries around the world. It aims to bring together enthusiasts to share ideas, form teams, build products, and, most importantly, launch startups. The order of events is as follows

● Friday: Attendees pitch their ideas and inspire others to join their teams. Teams are therefore created to work on the best ideas.
● Saturday and Sunday: This is where the participants debate, build, pitch and build some more. Teams will focus on building a prototype of their idea/product. During this period teams will also focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practising LEAN Startup methodologies and building a minimum viable product.
● Sunday: In the evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

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