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Developing fine motor skills in kids!-

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Fine motor skills, is the ability to handle works using hands and fingers.  

Mastery of fine-motor skills will allow children towards greater independence.

Just as gross motor skills enable children to perform important everyday tasks, such as getting out of bed and going downstairs for breakfast, fine motor abilities allow for increasing independence in smaller but equally significant matter such as opening doors, zipping zippers, brushing teeth, washing hands, and so on.

Combined with increasing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills also open new doors to exploration, learning, and creative expression.

In fact, research shows that emphasis on purely intellectual activities—memorization of letters and numbers, for instance—is far less useful at this stage than pursuits that encourage fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination.

Among the fine motor skills your child will perfect in the preschool years are the abilities to:

  • Pasting things onto paper
  • Clapping hands
  • Touching fingers
  • Putting on button and unbuttoning
  • Using zips
  • Using scissors
  • Clay modeling
  • Drawing 

The best way to help promote these and other hand-related skills is to provide your child with a wide range of materials to manipulate as her imagination dictates. 

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