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Several reasons lie behind on student’s interest to pursue engineering courses in abroad. Generally, western countries provide the latest technologies and wide range facilities in their education system. In recent years, Asian countries like Singapore and Hong Kong have attained fame for their engineering education as they provide ample industrial exposure, international approach and good employment opportunities.

Multinational companies have started to recognise the importance of international education. Inability to obtain seats in premier engineering colleges in India is also the reason for students desire to study abroad.

A student naturally would get confused in selecting particular institution, as, numerous educational institutions are available in foreign developed nations. Several overseas institutions have educational collaborations among themselves. Before taking decision to study abroad, students need to consider so many aspects like long term plans, employment opportunities, medium of instruction, facilities available and above all the expenses to be incurred for the entire period of study and stay.  

Admission procedures

Despite having few common regulations in admission process for overseas students, every foreign institution has its own system too.

Some details of general admission procedures followed by certain institutions are provided below:

* It is a must complete appropriate school education, which is recognised by the country, where, one plans to pursue his/ her higher studies.  Generally, across the globe, CBSE or IB methods of school education are highly accepted. While applying, if you happen to possess certificates related to extra curricular activities, along with your academic records, it would get bonus points in admission.

* English proficiency is very essential, when you plan to study countries like US, Canada, Australia, Britain and Newzealand. So, you must secure good scores in English tests like TOEFL and IELTS.

* If you would like to pursue engineering studies, mathematics should be a mandatory subject in your school studies. But some foreign institutions, which are offering engineering courses, require physics and chemistry along with mathematics. Students of commerce background from India are allowed to pursue computer science course at UG level in USA.

* Most foreign institutions seek SAT1 and SAT2 qualifications from overseas students and especially American universities make this eligibility as mandatory.

* Students, who wish to pursue higher education in foreign universities, must do well in their extra curricular activities too. As, many overseas institutions consider these certificates for admission procedures.

* Some countries have fixed 18 as the minimum age limit for admitting foreign students in UG degrees. 

Getting ready for admission

If you want to pursue overseas higher education, you need to start selecting the course and institution while you are studying 10th standard and have to apply before the results of 12th standard. In that context, 11th standard marks will get importance. So, avoid neglecting your studies in 11th standard.

Do remember some important points while selecting foreign universities

* Consider the importance between the choosing subject and your future prospects.

* Recognition of particular institute, which you chose.

* Total expenses

* Duration of study

* Employment opportunities after study.

However, nowadays, all admission procedures have come under online method. As a result, it has become lot more easier. Almost all foreign universities generally seek academic documents, other related documents, recommendation letters, personal statements and financial proofs from students.

Before applying to any overseas institution, you must thoroughly go through the official website of that institution and have discussion with persons, who have experience regarding overseas education.

Let us analyse the admission procedures for engineering studies from some prominent countries.

United States of America

In this country, every educational institution has its own method of admission procedures. Before applying, you must check details regarding recognition of the institution. The organisation called ABET(Accreditation board for engineering and technology) approves the engineering studies in US and provides recognition. But these approval and recognition are only for courses and not for the institution. In the same institution, some courses might have got recognition and some courses might not have got recognition.

Most of the bachelors' degrees in US are of 4 years duration, but some institutions offer 5 years integrated courses too. Research facilities and trainings are provided during UG courses itself. In selecting engineering courses in USA there are lot of options. Considerable marks from SAT1 and SAT2 exams are important to get desirable engineering course without much competition. Bachelor’s degree gets its value only from performance and marks and not from duration.

Fee structure differs from one university to the other. Generally, it would cost from 20,000USD to 45,000USD per year in USA. It is also possible to get scholarships and fellowships. But, to get these grants, one should submit his/her family's income proof. It is important to keep it in mind that seeking financial assistance from the institution would reduce your chances of getting an admission.

A student can remain in US up to 29 months after completing bachelor degree in engineering for getting necessary trainings.


For the past 20 years, Australian education has attracted Indian students although some problems crept up in the recent years. Excellent research facilities and international recognition of its degrees pushes foreign students towards Australian universities. To join bachelor’s degree in Australia, one should have Australian senior secondary certificate of education, which comprises of 12 years of schooling or internationally recognised education certificate such as Indian class 12 certificate.

Students are expected to get atleast 60% of marks in 12th and need to have good scores in IELTS exams. But this IELTS exam should have been written within 24 months before the day on which the application is being made. Scores of 6 and above would do good to get into any recognised institutions.

Good number of Australian universities are recognising TOEFL marks. Engineering aspirants need to pursue mathematics as a subject in their school secondary and senior secondary levels.

Australian engineering degrees are of 3 years duration. An overseas student needs to spend from A$9,000 to A$14,000 per year. Scholarship facility is also available. As a foreign student, one should pay his/her tuition fees before the courses commence.

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