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Multidisciplinary knowledge is the need of the day!- 5-Jun-2023

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Today, students are showing lot of interest in various computer related fields like artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and cyber security.

Although such courses are offered in various institutes for students, this knowledge alone is not enough in the present circumstance. Today, students of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Mechanical need to develop computer knowledge. Likewise, students studying computer related courses should also develop fair amount of knowledge in other fields like agriculture, automobile.

Mental work: 

Since everything is going to be automated in the near future, there will be not much demand for hard physical labor in the coming times. It will be purely mental work. For such a change, knowledge in just on domain alone will not do any good.  For example, the invention of the tractor made it not necessary to walk  28 km to scout one acre of land. An automobile industry expert only with the knowledge of agriculture could will be able to device the appropriate equipment to benefit the farmers. 

That's the main why we train students from all the department right from first year to learn any one of the three languages like C, Python and Java. Further, every semester, we teach various subjects like Psychology, Economics, Anthropology, Linguistics, Agriculture. Obtaining knowledge from multiple discipline improves self-confidence to a great extent; improves leadership skills. In the future he can thrive in the world as a complete human being.

We provide appropriate training in higher education, entrepreneurship, employment based on the aspirations of students. We are currently using the online teaching method that was introduced during the Corona period to learn from home in the evenings and nights after the daily classes are over.

Learning is essential

We inculcate the skills required by the companies right from the third year itself. Emphasis is on internships in the final year. We encourage students to participate as well as succeed at international level competitions. We provide special training according to the mother tongue of the students like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu. Education doesn't just happen in colleges. Only a person willing to learn all through the life can become a better person. One should keep learning new things according to the changing times.

- S. Thangavelu, President, Srishakti College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.


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