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I am a science student. What are the job opportunities for a pharmacologist?- 12-Mar-2008

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Pharmacologists play an important role in medicine and science by studying the effect of drugs, chemicals and other substances on humans, animals and plants. These highly educated scientists conduct research on living tissues and organs to determine how drugs and other chemicals act at the cellular level. Their results help to discover how drugs and other chemicals can be most effectively used. Study of pharmacology is necessary to standardize drug dosages; analyse chemicals, food additives, poisons, insecticides and other substances, and indentify dangerous substances and harmful levels of controlled chemicals.


Pharmacologists perform research in laboratories using cultured cells, laboratory animals, plants, human tissues, precision electronic instruments and computers. They are employed as faculty in medical, dental, veterinary or pharmacy schools, and as researchers in large hospitals, medicals centers or research institutes. They also work for government agencies involved in research such as the National Institutes of Health, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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