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Geographically, New Zealand is situated in the South Pacific region with several beautiful sceneries. This small and peaceful country attracts lot of foreign students. On the whole there are 8 universities functioning in this country and every university is prominent for a specific area of studies. They are,

Auckland University - Auckland

Being the first and foremost university of New Zealand, it offers Arts, Commerce, Creative arts and Industrial education, Educational studies, Engineering education, Law education, Medical education and Science education in the levels of UG, PG, Graduate diploma, PG diploma and Ph.d.

This university offers several courses in the arts stream.

Canterbury University - Christchurch

Every year, this university receives 70 visiting faculties from internationally recognised institutions through exchange programmes like Erskine Fellowship, as a result, lot expectations prevail that there would be considerable standards in the teaching segment. For the past 40 years, several thousands of foreign students have carried out studies in this university. At present, there are over 2000 students from 70 countries studying here.

This university is well known in New Zealand for special bachelor degrees.

Waikato University - Hamilton

Although, the strength of overseas students in this university depends on Asia-pacific region, students from North America, Middle East, Germany, India and South pacific islands also study here.

This university is famous for management studies.

Massey University - North Palmerston, Wellington and Aucland

This university provides lots of opportunities to be involved in research activities with guidance’s and other helps for the students during their study. As a result, this institution is familiar among students. As mentioned above, it comprises of lavish 3 campuses. 

Lincoln University - Christchurch

Agriculture is vital for human survival. Welfare of human beings always depends on the development of this activity. In New Zealand, this university is famous for offering various specialized courses in the field of agriculture.

Otago University - Dunedin

Otago University is popular among students for medical studies. About 77,000 former students of this university have settled down in 120 countries across the world. Old student’s Association of this university is spread across many cities like London, Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne and Kola Lumpur.

This university has large number of PG students than any other university in New Zealand. According to a survey in 2011, out of 4,000 students, who had enrolled in Master level courses, 1,200 were Ph.d students.

Victoria University - Wellington

It is famous for its architectural studies in New Zealand and has 40 research centres. At both domestic and international levels, it collaborates with many institutions in the spheres of teaching and research. 

AUT University - Auckland

This is 3rd biggest university in New Zealand and well recognised by international society. In terms of employment opportunities, students of this university have larger options than any other universities of New Zealand. Admissions take place twice a year (March & July) in this university. It maintains large network of tie-ups with various industries.

It has excellent research facilities. Classes will be in regular formal method or in the form of discussion. About 4,000 students from more than 85 countries are studying in this university. This university is recognised by the New Zealand government and has 3 campuses in Auckland itself.

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