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Failure is never final; its the beginning of success; IAS officer - 27-Nov-2022

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Lauding the efforts of Dinamalar through its supplement Pattam for providing stupendous effort in empowering the community on the educational front, Balasubramaniam, Collector underscored that failure is never final, while its the beginning of victory.     

He said, It is highly appreciable that the newspaper 'Dinamalar' has been serving the country, society, people and students extremely well. Started in the year 1951, it has been serving the people for over 70 years.

Particularly, it provides greater scope for students to improve the knowledge and make huge progress by providing valuable information through its supplementary magazine 'Pattam'.  Brought out as a weekly magazine in 2016, Pattam now provides lot of useful information 5 days in a week. I congratulate 'Dinamalar' management and all those who are involved in bringing out this magazine meticulously.

Failure is not the end result. It is the beginning of success. Students wish to succeed in everything that they undertake. School teachers also play a huge role in the success of a student. But, only a few students succeed in their endeavours. Many get highly dejected for not being able to succeed in their efforts. 

There are some basic reasons for this failure. If you reevaluate this, students can definitely succeed. 2,000 years ago, Thiruvalluvar has clearly said what it takes for man to succeed. Accordingly, being part of any endeavor is an effort. If you keep trying constantly, you will definitely succeed in life.

Everybody longs for happiness. The goal of life is to live happily. One must succeed in their ventures to live happily. Those individuals or students who are unable to succeed in their goals are not happy.

The basic philosophy of life is to be happy. To be successful it is important to follow some basic steps. That is, students need to have lot of determination and self-confidence. This requires meticulous planning. Thirukural has revealed great thoughts to succeed and lead a good life. 

Not a single goal can be attained without planning. It may be a family or an organization like Dinamalar or any other big corporates. 

Teachers clear the doubts arising from the textbooks. Few will understand; few will not understand. Then, you can clarify your doubts by asking classmates or teachers. The ability to manage time efficiently on the particular work or project will lead towards success. 

'Dinamalar' has been conducting the program, Jaithu Kaatuvom for more than 25 years. They conduct this programme with experts giving their views on the choice of course to be made to succeed in life and the job opportunities available for specific courses. 

'Dinamalar' daily is providing excellent educational service through Pattam magazine. Students should make full use of these opportunities that come their way. Teachers should teach morals and ethics to all the students they meet every day. Dinamalar' should continue to do this kind of service, he shared his thoughts.

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