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UNESCO award!- 9-Aug-2022

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The UNESCO - Al Fozan International Prize for the promotion of young scientists in STEM was created to strengthen STEM research, STEM education and international cooperation. 


This award is presented by the Al Fozan Foundation, which was established with the aim of serving society, economy and environment.

It ensures socio-economic change and development globally by encouraging young scientists and young researchers in STEM fields that include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


  • To encourage young scientists in the field of STEM
  • Strengthening research, education and international cooperation to address international challenges in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs set by UNESCO
  • To recognize youth who contribute to socio-economic development at the global scale
  • To increase the interest of young people, particularly girls and women, in science to promote gender equality, scientific literacy and the choice of a scientific career.

Award Details:

  • The Prize is awarded every two years to five individual prize-winners from the five UNESCO geographical regions at each edition, on an initial basis for three biennial
  • 50 thousand USD is awarded to each selected candidate. According to this, the total value of this award is 2 lakh 50 thousand US dollars.
  • Apart from the award amount, certificates and medals are given to each selected candidate.
  • UNESCO gives this award to five people every 2 years.
  • The award is given to those who are under 40 years of age and are actively involved in STEM fields at the time of application


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