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Nowadays students need to be multi-talented ! - 7-Jul-2022

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New technologies are not only causing immeasurable changes in the education sector but also in all? sectors. Students should prepare themselves to face the new challenges created by such changes.

After the impact of Corona, there has been huge change across the world in all the fields including the? global economy and technology. If at all two years of remote learning and work was possible without? going to schools, colleges and offices, it was due to the advancement of digital technology. In western? countries, software has started to dominate right from switching off power supply at home to launching of? satellite in space.

Though Corona has caused setbacks in some sectors, it has made a huge change in the digital sector. Therefore, students who are joining Engineering and Arts Science colleges can study newly introduced? subjects. Robotics, Electric Vehicles, Internet, Remote Sensing Technology, Cyber ??Security, Green? Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science are the special courses that has? been introduced in colleges.


Students should choose subjects based on their ability. Students should be determined that they would? ?make good differences if they happened to opt a particular domain. In this era, when there are changes? happening everyday, students should upgrade themselves daily. Only then, students will be able to stand? firm in the particular field.? Students learning is complete only if they possess good virtues, respect for elders, listening behavior and? helping others.  Students just should not stop with getting a job after going through some good education.? They should come forward to do whatever they can for this society. That is the mark of a good human? being!


New inventions in the world have mostly come from American and European countries. The reason? for this is that all the schools and colleges there encourage students to be involved in research. Only now this? situation is shaping up in our country.? Students should not be only excellent in academics but also in research. These research skills should be? brought out right from secondary school level itself. The school education as well as secondary school? education department should take appropriate measures towards this. Students should be multi-talented.? Today's students need to develop several skills like knowing more than one language, possessing novel? thinking, having a high level of imaginitation and holding leadership skills.

-T.Lakshmi Narayanaswamy, Managing Trustee, SNR. Sons Founda tion, Sri Ramakrishna Medical and Education Institutions, Coimbatore.

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