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Holistic education needed for students!- 27-May-2022

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We predominantly like to compete at the International level. In that case, comparing the rank list of popular educational institutions at the International level, Indian educational institutions do not appear to be in the top......

Difference between Indian and Foreign Institutions:  

What we need to understand here is that, the parameters for international rank list are different, the objective of the Indian educational institutions are different.

International educational institutions place more emphasis on research, whereas our Indian educational institutions operate with the main objective of providing higher education. Education has been given more importance in the country and we are making gradual progress in the field of education, particularly after independence.

The important reason for the good quality of research papers published by professors at universities such as Cambridge and Oxford is their legacy and experience.

Furthermore, our institutions do not place much emphasis on international rankings, but such ranking parameters are framed keeping in mind the educational institutions from western countries.  

Self-Examine needed:

However, each of our educational institutions must be subjected to self-examination. Some questions of paramount importance that need to be addressed are: How much importance do we give to research; do we really carry out the research to address the challenges faced by the industry; and do we give enough time to professors to carry out research. Only, if these questions are addressed rightly, Indian educational institutions can carry out good research activities.

Understanding the importance and need for international recognition, the central government is taking various steps to address it. Our Indian educational institutions will be able to place themselves better, only if they truly make a clear analysis to improve the overall quality, research articles and improve ties with international educational institutions through new MoUs.

Human characteristics

Furthermore, apart from education and research, educational institutions also need to acquaint students with an emphasis on basic human qualities. Human qualities cannot be taught in classes.

But, educational institutions can create situations that make students feel them. Students should be provided with a holistic education that emphasizes good human qualities, skill development, and the environment.

-Dr. Shukla, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University, UP

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