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College students' mentality needs to change!- 25-May-2022

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At a time when there are a lot of job opportunities available today for fresh engineering graduates, shunning away playfulness and a little change in mentality can lead to a bright future. 

Engineering is one area of specialization where the need for human resources is always huge and never decreases. Just by developing the right skills this is an area that offers huge job opportunities.  

Due to the tremendous growth of the IT field during the Corona period, numerous opportunities for students of computer science and IT have cropped up. Human resources are in high demand in these ever-expanding technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automation, Blockchain, Cyber Security, IoT, Cyber Physics Systems.

Multi-disciplinary knowledge:

As the primary function of IT is to cater to the computer needs of various domains, computer science students need to possess a wide array of knowledge in other domains too. Similarly, opportunities will be bright if other engineering students develop IT-related skills.

For example, students of biomedical and mechanical disciplines today need to acquire skills in Artificial Intelligence too. Accordingly, colleges need to provide the necessary infrastructure to develop multidisciplinary skills. 

Even though young graduates from other engineering disciplines do not get a substantial salary like those from IT, they can get a better job position with 3 years of work experience. It is important to develop the appropriate skills to climb up the career of life.

In a few more years, infrastructure facilities will grow in line with the computer sector, as a result the number of jobs based on them is likely to increase in India. As new companies come up in our country, there will be an increased need for manpower in all the domains.  

College life ...

After school, most students come to college with the mindset of having 'fun'. But, college days are not only a time of 'fun', also a time to lay the foundation to develop various skills. AICTE conducts special classes for those students just entering college. Its mandatory for students to take-up the classes. Only then, students would realize the importance of college and study accordingly.

It's important for students to realize the difference between both school and college. Apart from developing employability skills in students, colleges also need to improve entrepreneurial skills and life skills.

Colleges should encourage students to volunteer in carrying out social work. Today's students need international experience, in some way or the other like industrial training or educational tourism.

-Akhila, KPR, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore

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