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Qualities to acquire in school ! - 23-May-2022

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School is a great place where primarily character is shaped or fine tuned beyond enhancing knowledge.

In scholastic terms, school is the best place where the art of SOCIALISATION takes place. In other words, the children learn the skill and nuances to rightly carry themselves among, younger ones, peers and elders.

Here are few important qualities learn in school:

  • Learn to RESPECT others irrespective of their age.
  • Cultivate the habit of talking in the appropriate TONE with others.
  • Develop the ability to maintain SILENCE when required.
  • Rather than being rash and harsh, imbibe the greatest quality of learning to QUIETEN yourself. 
  • Learn to be PUNCTUAL its a great discipline that will facilitate as you grow.
  • When you commit a mistake, learn to gather courage to say SORRY to the teacher, rather than justifying the mistake.
  • Commit yourself to be ATTENTIVE in the class it's a skill to master.
  • Instead of just hearing in the class, make a sincere effort to LISTEN there is a lot of difference between HEARING and LISTENING.
  • It is a must to SUBJECT yourself to the rules of the school.
  • ORDERLINESS, CLEANLINESS, QUEUING are a must learn in school.

Finally, school is a temple where you learn to UNDERSTAND and DISCOVER the real you in you.   



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