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Tips to be a good communicator - listener! - 13-May-2022

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Communication is carried out through language orally and written form.  

Oral communication comprises listening and speaking skills. While, written skill constitutes of reading and writing.  

These four skills listening, speaking, reading and writing are extremely important all through ones life. These skills are core Life skills. These skills are highly important to have a successful, meaningful and happy life. 

Listening skill: To be a good communicator, this skill is highly important that requires constant practice. It practically requires lot of hard work. Full concentration and energy is exceedingly required to be a good listener.  Apart from paying close attention to the speaker, one has to strictly listen to the unspoken words, emotions and the body language.  

This skill requires enormous amount of patience and open mindedness.  

Listening could be classified into Active listening and Empathetic listening. 

In active listening, the listener participates in the communication process with serious interest. But, in empathetic listening, the listener takes huge effort to understand the speaker from the speakers point of view.  

Barriers to listening:  

  • Always finding fault with speaker.
  • Trying to outsmart the speaker by giving information early; asking unnecessary questions to divert the concentration of the speaker.   
  • I know everything attitude.
  • Lacking self interest in the subject. 
  • Day dreaming or being absent minded

The only solution to be a good communicator is to practice listening by quietening the mind.

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