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America is a country, which continues to attract foreign students, especially Indian students to pursue higher education. Several reasons are witness towards this fascination. Important among them are its natural atmosphere, wide-ranging experience and good educational system.

Among world's top universities around 60% of universities are situated in America. This is the main reason for students to move towards this hallowed country. Though, American economy is on a down ward trend, the foreign students' ratio is still high. All these information are from concerned institutions.

Alternative Education - Community colleges

In America, there are over 4,000 colleges and universities, which can be broadly classified into 3 types - Community colleges, Private and Public universities. Duration of American Bachelor degree is 4 years and is highly preferred by Indian students.

Another alternative way to get US degree is through 2 years supplementary courses from US community colleges. These 2 years supplementary degree courses are being provided in arts and science streams. These courses offered through community colleges are highly popular among students, who cannot afford big money for regular courses in US. Fees at supplementary colleges are much lesser than private and public colleges, and universities.

Moreover, the admission process is very simple in community colleges when compared to other type of colleges and no big competition prevails for getting seats into these colleges. After completing two-year degree, one can get job opportunities in USA or can obtain lateral entry directly to third year for the 4-year degree courses in other institutions. Generally, community colleges offer courses, which help students to get lateral entry.

Courses offered through distance education mode is also available in US, but the cost of such courses is much expensive than Indian correspondence courses. Students must take into consideration about the recognition while selecting institution or course in US.

Applying for admission

After choosing particular institution in US, a student should work on enrollment process even before 14 to 18 months of the commencement of course. According to the institution, the expenses could go up to anywhere from USD18, 000 to USD 50,000. Courses like Engineering, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Environmental and Civil Engineering and Astronomy are great demand among students.

Admission procedure

Although, every institution has its own procedure for admission, academic documents of foreign students play an important role in the admission process. For admission in bachelor degrees 9th and 12th standard academic documents are considered and for admission in Masters' programme the academic documents of bachelors' degree play an important role.

Scores of standard exams, TOEFL exams, certificates of extra-curricular activities and referral letters are some of the vital documents taken into consideration for admission.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Getting academic grants is really tough from US institutions. For overseas students, full payment of scholarships and part payment of scholarships are being provided. Depending on the students' academic performance half payment scholarships are available.

Internships and Employments

After completion of the course one should have the recognition of Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) and Opted Practical Training (OPT) to complete necessary internship. Only then a student could work upto 12 months in US after education. At the same time, it is also possible to get extension up to 17 months. This privilege is only for  students who have bachelors' or masters' degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

By and large, lot of countries around the world especially Asian countries like India, China and Singapore welcome US degrees. An American degree holder could get better employment opportunities in these countries.

Here, we provided some websites, which give details of US education. 

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