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More emphasis on quality!- 20-Apr-2022

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During the lockdown period when regular classes could not be conducted, Corona taught several lessons to both educational institutions as well as to students right from teaching to conducting exams when everything went online.

While Corona forced to face numerous challenges, on the other hand it had some advantages too.

Realizing the change, we were able to host several events online incessantly. By encouraging students to engage daily in fresh endeavors, new features can be taught. Apart from this, with increased interest in learning, students function with great enthusiasm.

Education never to be a business: 

Education is an important non-profit segment that must function in the interest of society. But it is unfortunate today that a huge business revolves around the education sector with the intention of making big profits. As a result, there is a big risk of not only our childrens future being affected, but also the future of the country.

Educational institutions can be seen suddenly cropping up like mushrooms.  Thus increasing the number alone is very unlikely to benefit society. Quality should be given priority over quantity.

In this context, it is my opinion that the education sector should be managed by researchers, top experts, academics and not by politicians. Good educators alone can realize the needs of the students and provide better features than politicians..... the chances of corruption in education will be greatly reduced.

Teach moral values: 

Next, our country, which is a great example of high cultural values to the whole world, moral classes must be conducted in all schools. Right from childhood, it is very important to teach good habits like the right way to treat adults, parents and women with dignity.  It is extremely difficult to teach moral values to students in colleges after completing school.

--Nithya Ramachandran, Deputy Joint Secretary, Sankara Educational Institutions, Coimbatore.

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