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Morality is strength!- 15-Apr-2022

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The livelihood of several parents had been severely affected by the corona epidemic that began to spread in India in early 2020. Even the studying ability of the children was also affected at the initial stages.

A big 'No' to online education:

During the pandemic, with significant importance provided to online education as per the government's instruction, now it has become very difficult to provide training in writing to the children. In particular, teaching basics to children who have just started going to school has become extremely challenging. It would be right to say that online education has spoiled most students over the past two years.

The reason is that, earlier, students were strictly prohibited from using mobile phones in the school. Then came a situation where students had to study only through mobile phones. Students were not taught the proper use of mobile.  

In my opinion, the use of 'mobile phones' is bringing in too much indiscipline among students. The use of  'cellphone' becomes the root cause for a drastic change in student's unwarranted activities such as playing video games, watching movies and web series, and unnecessarily talking to friends.

Although the freedom granted to students abroad is not granted to our students, there are traditional, cultural and cultural practices that we should cherish in our country. Students developing discipline by following them is our strength. In terms of education, our quality of education is on par with the rest of the world. Our education system is in no way inferior when compared to that found in developed countries. This is evident by the fact that our youths are successfully placed in top positions in big companies across the globe.

Written test is the best:

The common examination is highly imperative for the students promotion. Promoting both school and college students without writing an exam is not a good idea. Paper based written examination is the right method to evaluate students academic prowess.

By passing everyone, I see it as a measure to belittle the capacity of the students. Bringing back common examination by the government is a great decision to welcome, but students should realize the need for the exam, study well and write the exam better.

-Vasudevan, Chairman, Prince Educational Institutions, Chennai

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