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How to cultivate good behavior and manners ? - 12-Apr-2022

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Good manners refers to the way in which something is done; they denote the mode of action or procedure.

It consists of customary conduct, habitual practice, moral character, modes of life, rules of behavior, temperament and attitudes.

Good manners cover a whole range of our conduct in relation to others .

We cannot pretend to be well behaved! It should come from within.

Good manners comprises of two dispositions 1) Upright mind and 2) Moral Goodness

1)      Upright mind: It is formed by studying the principles of right thinking from a person with good moral values. Upright mind leads to right judgement. In  other words, right judgement is simple common sense.

2)      Moral Goodness: It is acquired by constantly trying to be right according to a well informed and upright conscience. Conscience is the faculty to discern good from evil, an inner voice that beckons a person to act right.

Conscience helps an individual to identify correct norms and values and oppose counter value systems.

We grow in moral goodness by constantly keeping company with those who are morally sound.  

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