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No need to be confused for selecting colleges!- 7-Apr-2022

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Although the Covid lockdown period was a great challenge to many, it was both good as well as bad for the students.

Apart from education, at a time when everything is easily available online, students got the opportunity to know about several general information too.  Many students became regular users of the latest technology after getting accustomed to use online during the Covid time. As a result the lecturers have to teach with sound preparation to such students.  

Though the Covid time taught several good things to the students, it also had its setbacks. Post Covid, even after life slowly comes to normal, colleges have reopened, it is a great challenge to make students dress the right way and to bring certain changes from some learned habits.

Beyond teaching via online, several colleges have adopted evaluation patterns online too. The online evaluation pattern, apart from being easy, it also facilitates students to take the right decision towards the appropriate growth process. However, it was a great challenge to implement our 'mentorship' programme online where one faculty is allotted to foster 10 students.   

On the other hand, through the classroom education system, it is possible to continuously monitor and improve not only the academic performance of the students but also the overall performance. The direct supervision of students in the mentorship system was greatly reduced for the last two years. Currently, we have started to follow the programme again.

Selecting a good educational institution is a highly tricky affair.

NAC provides certification after analysing every educational institution based on various parameters. Similarly, NIRF ratings also play a major role in knowing the ranking of any college.  NBA certifies institutions based on the quality of courses offered. These rankings come handy to select the appropriate college when there is doubt on the educational institution to select.


--Indu Murugesan, Vice Chairperson, Kalaignarkarunanidhi Institute of Technology, Kovai

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