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Vision 2025!- 2-Apr-2022

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Online has created enormous opportunities for today's students to learn many things. The important question is what a student learns from them!

In an environment where scores of opportunities to learn everything are available right in front of the eyes, have the students developed laziness not to learn anything? This is the fear that lingers in the mind! 

For example, few years ago it was easy to choose what movie CD to watch in the house. But today, there are over a hundred OTT platforms. With the colossal number of movies on them, there is always confusion over which movie to watch. Similarly, the huge opportunities to learn many things today have dampened the interest to learn.

In such a situation, students need real clarity and understanding on what is right and possible for them in order to take the best advantage of opportunities. Similarly, based on the available opportunities students should develop the required skills. In order to create such an environment and awareness among the students, we have introduced a special program under the theme 'Vision 2025' in our educational institutions.

17 Features:

Every student in our educational institutions carry out projects with 17 features towards 'Sustainable Development Goals' that is shortly called SDGs. We have brought all the projects of our past students under the 17 features. It would be right to say that Covid lock down paved the way to show students the right path in our search towards SDG. 

The lockdown period was an appropriate time for students to understand, create and implement the project useful for society.      

To solve problems in society: 

Today's society has numerous problems. Students should properly understand some of them, and come forward with the right solution. 

Each student would come forward with one solution depending upon their own thinking and imagination. Then, we need to use appropriate and feasible solutions to solve problems in society. In order to implement, first one must know the earlier discoveries and the fundamentals of the same.  

Further, students shouldnt be studying just for the sake of marks, instead if they have the intention to serve the society they will be able to do really well. Students can also function effectively. We are sure to succeed in our goal...  we continue to work with the hope that we will achieve our goal by 2025.

-- Sai Prakash Leo Muthu, CEO, Sairam Institutions

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