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Innovation in changes! - 1-Apr-2022

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The primary objective of the government and private companies is to promote innovative thinking and new business opportunities. 

Huge scope for lot of opportunities:  

The central and state governments allocate several crores to promote start-ups. There are plenty of opportunities for today's youth who want to start a new business with innovative thinking through the effective implementation of 'Start up India' programme.  

In today's changing times, educational institutions also need to bring about the necessary changes in the education system as well as in the educational environment. Every educational institution, through the effective implementation of the Center of Excellence and Incubation Center can create bright opportunities for students. 

In an effort to provide multiple facilities in the same campus, we have succeeded in having an Educational institution, Technopark, Businesses, Incubation centers, and Residences for professors and staff. This initiative, apart from providing 'internship' opportunities to the students, enables us to provide excellent job opportunities too. Through the 'Incubation Center' we are able to give shape to the 'ideas' of the students who want to start new businesses.

Responsibility of Educational Institutions:  

Currently, it has become necessary for students belonging to any department to be given the opportunity to choose and study other departmental subjects. For example, engineering students to choose multimedia courses, and arts & science students to opt technology related subjects as an optional subject. An educational institution has to efficiently provide features like these to the students, for which the Center of Excellence is of immense support. Therefore, we have reserved a 5 story building exclusively for the 'Center of Excellence', allotting IoT, AI, on each floor. 

We started to implement a technology called LMS many years ago, with the aim of providing a better environment for students to learn academically. Subsequently, during the lockdown, it was possible to effectively provide education online instantaneously. In accordance with the tagline, Change alone is inevitable, education institutions also unavoidably need to impose changes. We, in our education institution, impose innovation into every such change. 

--Madan A. Senthil, Chairman, Rathinam Group of Institutions, Kovai  

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