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Online Vs Physical classes!- 31-Mar-2022

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In a situation where the recent protracted lockdown taught us new things as well as brought out several new changes, its impact has not left the field of education untouched too.   

Both important: All of a sudden we were pushed to a new technological based education system (online) from the former way of education (physical classes). With the impact of the pandemic slowly receding now, it is not right to move on to physical classes as well as not good to stick on to the online form of classes too. Both forms of education have positives as well as negatives.

Although the new technological based education system has taken us to the next level, it cannot develop adequate abilities such as interactive skills and group discussion that can be found in former physical classes.

In this scenario, it is precise to provide both technology based education as well as physical classes in the appropriate proportion to develop the required skills for the students. Its highly important that the educational institutions as well as the students give importance to sports, arts and culture.

Teachers role: In the past, digital libraries had not taken up much, but off late for a few years its getting popular among students. Though earlier students werent so keen about online debates, now it is slowly becoming popular. It is possible to understand that students are now open to new things.

At a time when students are highly willing to improve their knowledge through deep searches and research, it is exceedingly imperative for the teachers to fine tune their skills. Nowadays, teachers cannot be efficient in the classroom without upgrading their knowledge. Gone are the days of teaching looking into the books.    

For example, a computer teacher must first upgrade their knowledge by studying new software, languages and new skills in the field of technology. Only then will they be efficient to clarify the students doubts and fulfill the expectations of the students. Secondly, apart from developing knowledge in their area of specialization, teachers should upgrade their skills and knowledge in other fields too.

However, the internet would teach more to students than to teachers. Every student should come out successfully.  Everybody has got unique skills. The greatest responsibility of a teacher is to identify and develop these unique skills.

--Krishnakumar, Secretary, Nehru Group of Institutions, Kovai   


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