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Huge scope for Engineering Graduates! - 17-Mar-2022

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Today, the field of Engineering offers a lot of scope to students if they happen to approach their studies in a systematic manner!

During Covid times, when online classes became inevitable, our professors got ready with the needed equipment. Students also honed their skills by studying well and through programming. 

Studying through online: Though the last few academic years went on by online studies, it was an added delight that job providers conducted campus interviews through online mode. To put it short, Engineering education has the ability to change any challenging situations into a chance to thrive and excel. It's highly important that during these regular college times for students to acquire the skill of online self-learning too.  Its highly imperative to use the online learning process at all times.   

Fast growth: To my understanding, students should carry out projects with companies that are really worthy in technologies such as IOT, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, AR and VR. Engineering graduates who join for a pay of Rs5 Lakh per annum, quickly within two years get a job with a pay package of Rs16 Lakhs per annum. Apart from Engineering, other domains do not have this extraordinary growth.   

Then, depending upon students skill development, apart from colleges providing facilities for students to develop specialized skills in their preferred domain, they should also instigate students. Students should also use the facilities properly and develop their skills. There are a huge number of opportunities awaiting for engineering graduates. Apart from their area of specialization, Engineering Graduates have a lot of scope in domains such as Banking, Insurance, Tourism and Hotel.  

How to select a good college: 

Educational institutions must have a decent number of MoUs signed with industries, a Centre of Excellence, good ambiance for learning, exemplary training towards various entrance examinations and spoken English.    

Students should be provided with the awareness and information on the scope of higher education within the country as well as overseas too right from the first year itself. Apart from providing Entrepreneurship training, the institution should never forget to provide awareness in the several national level competitive examinations. 

Its good for students to choose colleges that provide such ambiance, facilities and openings. 

--Dr. Sudha Mohanram, Principal. Sri Easwar College of Engineering, Kovai.  

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