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Learn to study the right way !- 1-Mar-2022

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Even though we faced several challenges during the Corona times, I personally feel that these times were a time of good opportunities. Although it has brought great changes in the field of Engineering, it has opened up new avenues for jobs. 

Digital education is one of the good change that we had to learn due to corona. We quickly learned to adapt the digital mode of learning. Else, we would have taken at least 10 years get to this level of online education. Undoubtedly, learning abilities have been affected due to Covid 19.  But, both students as well as teachers quickly got the touch of online mode learning.     

Students certainly missed the use of libraries, laboratories, competitions, internships and industrial visits. In this situation the importance virtual laboratory came into play. However, online education cannot be matched to classroom learning. The happiest way of learning for students is to have fun friends and learn.      

Currently, with the educational institutions and colleges all set to open, students will be deeply involved in getting back all that they lost these days. Educational institutions are showing great interest in facilitating students to get back on the right track.  In the coming days both online education and offline education will be play an important in the path of education.   

Multi-Disciplinary knowledge: 

Although on one hand there were scores of job losses, but it also opened up opportunities to young engineering graduates. Industries invited these young engineering graduates with arms open wide. Job opportunities are more for those students having knowledge in diverse domains, rather than possessing knowledge in only one specialization. 

For mechanical students, its important to provide training in Robotics, Coding, Mechatronics, IOT and for students of Computer Science related studies, need to provide training job related skills like Health and Insurance.     

Digital Transformation:

In a situation where, digital transformation has already happened, in the next 5 years time huge changes are about to come. Drastic changes will happen in the field of technology. 5G technology will come into full-fledged usage. Due the swift in technology,  Pintech and Crypto currency will have a huge impact. More transactions will move to digital mode. There will be huge digital impact in the production sector.  The area of Research and Development will gain more momentum. 

Subsequently, in the days to come there is going to be huge job scope in the field of engineering. In the same time this shift will be mostly based on technology. Students should develop their skills based on the challenges that come across. Students should learn the right way of studying. Though, in a situation where Indian Engineering graduates are getting good amount jobs right now, in the days to come this will certainly increase. Salaries will also increase. 

Sri Ram, Director, Chennai Institute of Technology                   

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