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Give children hope! - 19-Feb-2022

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Education was made possible across the globe only through online fir the last two years due to the widespread of covid 19. It is true that the knowledge level of the students has been greatly compromised severely. 

When the child learns in a classroom it grasp many things unknowingly like the reading and writing fast. We cannot expect these skills to develop when the child is learning from the home.   

To improve from this situation, the students are provided with some good revision at school nowadays. Through this it is possible to bring back the learning skills of the children. In the present condition the students will learn easily. When we give what exactly is necessary for them after some deep reflection, they will learn exceptionally easily. 

Instead of merely talking about the lost 2 years, we need to think deeply on how to achieve the goal ahead of us. Parents should provide strong hope in their children. If we provided hope, students will certainly reach their goal easily.

Today, in our state we happen to follow many curriculum patterns like State board or Samacheer, CBSE , ISC, and Cambridge. Parents are confused on what pattern to choose. Samacheer is very good pattern and not knowing, many have switched over to CBSE syllabus pattern. 

Similar situation has cropped up with National Education Policy too! 

The new National Educational policy follows intentional standard pattern of education. The changes brought out equals to the international standards. Through this new policy, the students can understand the education patterns of most countries. Following it, students can obtain education of the international standards. 

Its important these days to provide education through digital mode too. Every parent should develop their digital knowledge. Only then it would be possible to take their childrens education to the next level. This is extremely important take their children in the right path.          

We are all travelling in a fast paced world! 

Every parent want their children to achieve what they were not able achieve. This is systematically wrong. There are lot of specialization that we dont see. Its easy to succeed in these areas of specialization, but we run after the specializations only that we know. We need to seek ways that keeps us steadfast though we may move slowly. Parents should be able to find out their childrens skill and help them to excel.  

- Manimekalai Mohandoss, Correspondent, SSVM Group of Institution, Kovai   

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