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Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR!- 22-Nov-2021

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Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR) is a premier agricultural research institute engaged in basic and strategic research on sorghum and other millets under Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

IIMR coordinates and facilitates Millets research at national level through All India Coordinated Research Projects on Millets, Pearl Millet and Small Millets and provides linkages with various national and international agencies.

This institute has several accolade to its ventrure and was first established under the Project on Intensified Research on Cotton, Oilseeds and Millets (PIRCOM) in 1958 and engaged in research on important dryland crops such as sorghum, castor, groundnut, pigeon-pea and cotton as well as sorghum-based cropping systems.

Human Resource: Sanctioned manpower - 48 scientists in 17 disciplines supported by 41 technical, 21 administrative and 27 supporting staff distributed in its main center at Hyderabad, and the two regional stations at Centre on Rabi Sorghum (CRS), Solapur and Off-Season Nursery, (OSN

Mandate of IIMR: Basic and strategic research to increase productivity of millets and their diversified utilization for enhancement of profitability.

Coordination and development of improved crop production and protection technologies of millets. Training and consultancy on millet production and utilization. Dissemination of technologies and capacity building

Role: Genetic resource management, crop development to increase productivity, genetic development for more biology per unit time, mitigation of adverse effects of climate change, development of crop production technologies to increase input efficiency, stress management of seedless and live grains, value addition for industrialization, operationalization are the multple roles the IIMER

Training:  Conducts short-term training and workshops on a variety of topics, including home-made nutritious cereals, career opportunities in the industry, entrepreneurship development, and marketing.

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