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Critical thinking an outcome of Liberal education !- 4-Jul-2021

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The key to success in this rapidly changing world is to be prepared to reinvent and revamp, to adapt and evolveahead of the curve, ahead of the crowd that requires independent, critically thinking.

Critical thinking includes several fundamental cognitive skills among which the most important in todays information-drenched world is the ability to distinguish truth from fiction, reality from perception, wisdom from manipulation.

Multiple Perspectives
A liberal education inculcates an attitude of openness to authentically understand multiple perspectives -- even those with which one disagrees before passing judgment. It means being willing to challenge your cherished assumptions, step outside your comfort zone, and put yourself in the shoes of others before drawing conclusions.

A common misconception is that a liberal education is limited to the arts, humanities and social sciences. But it is otherwise.
Oral and Writing Skills
An idea, however brilliant, cannot be turned into reality without knowing how to communicate it. Some scholars, tech geniuses, and innovators are unable to communicate their thoughts clearly, concisely, and persuasively. A liberal education elevates students communication skills to match their critical thinking.

Jobs of the Future

Problems in real life do not come packaged neatly in the language of a single academic discipline. As a result, companies are looking for people who can tackle unforeseen interdisciplinary problems -- not the textbook problems that appeared in their exams, but new problems.

In this day and age, most jobs require an individual to possess an array of skills. Employers are on the look-out for professionals who are business ready, can manage many portfolios, and can win the confidence of others.

To quoteMark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, Inc. (Wall Street Journal, 10 June 2013: Ive seen many an actuary and many an engineer who are brilliant, but they fail in their ability to communicate or commercialize an idea because they cant relate to the people theyre dealing with. The major Im less concerned about; its the set of skills that people come into work with.   

Perhaps the greatest value of a liberal education is that it enables you to find your true calling, realize your full potential, and bask in the sense of wellbeing that comes from having followed your own path.

It is time to broaden the horizons of the undergraduate student, particularly in single-stream institutions, including technical institutes, as proposed in the National Education Policy 2020.

---Dr. Jamshed Bharucha, Founding Vice Chancellor, Sai University, Chennai 

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