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Making a career in logistics business!- 29-Jun-2021

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The global lockdown led to discovery of convenience and necessity that e-commerce / online services platforms offered leading to a huge surge in online transactions. This move to digital transactions in turn has boosted growth in delivery, transportation, and warehouse jobs.

The pandemic created an array of operational challenges for the Indian logistics sector as well, yet it remained functional for most time and facilitated the smooth movement of goods and services despite the workforce and cash flow issues.

Many reports suggest that start-ups and companies in the logistics sector will drive jobs in 2021. Additionally in India, the union budget 2021-22 presented by FM Nirmala Sitharaman increased the infrastructure spending significantly with focus on new economic corridors, improved road, railway infrastructure and push towards digitalisation, which would bolster the Indian Logistics sector.

There is a plethora of job opportunities waiting for people to grab in this sector. Below are few skills, which will help one in making a career in the logistics business.

Problem solving using technology: The increase in demand for logistics due to the pandemic will also pose many challenges in terms of handling capacity, managing workforce and handling the overall business. One should be able to make optimum use of technology such as big data and analytics to identify key problem areas and offer tailor-made solutions. For example, a simple problem such as keeping records/invoices safe can be solved by completely digitising all the files and storing them on a password protected server.  Many logistics firms today have an in-house tech team, who develop software for specific tasks as well.
Understanding of Supply Chain Management: This is one the most important skill required for working in the logistics sector. Logistics divisions are in search of supply chain managers who can ensure customer satisfaction whilst also maintaining cost and profit ratio. The need of the hour in many logistics companies is the creation of a sustainable and streamlined supply chain. One can easily equip themselves with this knowledge by also taking various short-term courses offered by various ed-tech platforms.
Knowledge of AI & Automation: Artificial Intelligence and Automation are surely going to play a pivotal role in the logistics business. AI will increase efficiency and productivity. It will also aid in identifying potential opportunities, threats and solutions.
Keen understanding of laws and various government policies: For working in the logistics sector, this is one of the most important things.  During the lockdown, the rules kept changing frequently based on the environmental situation. Therefore, today firms are on lookout for candidates who can do this for them.

------by Mr Ramesh Babu M, CEO & Co-Founder, SafeStorage

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