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Systematic thinking to attain your goal! - 20-May-2021

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This topic is not much ventured by many writers, however the profound knowledge and experience of this writer enables him to bring out a step by step approach on systematic thinking.   

Systematic thinking would lead you from deadlocks to breakthroughs.

Thinking could be creative, lateral, critical, innovative etc.

One should be able to think through anything to be achieved. It can be carried out through a small exercise called SWOC analysis.

Anybody taking up any task, big or small should know his:



Building on your strength and working through your weakness you could create opportunities even amidst challenges or threats.

You need to think through in a systematic way on how to reach the goal especially when you face challenges.     

In other words, achieving the goal is nothing but thinking through systematically (logically or rationally) in a step by step manner.

(Excerpts are taken from the book, 'Creating 25th hour', by Fr. Francis P. Xavier, Rector, LICET )     
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