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How to handle depression?- 6-May-2021

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Depression is a health condition. Some people feel sad, discouraged, or hopeless for weeks, months, even years.

For people with depression, it can seem like things will never get better. But, when depression is treated, things can start to look brighter and more manageable again.

Severe depression can cloud a person's thinking. It may lead some people to think that life isn't worth living. Sometimes feelings of hopelessness are so deep that a person considers suicide.

People who are extremely depressed and may be thinking about hurting themselves need help as soon as possible. When depression is this severe, it should be treated as medical emergency.

Tell someone how you feel. Ask an adult for help. Suicide lifelines or crisis centers are there to help you figure out how to work through tough situations and feelings. All calls are confidential no one you know will find out that you've called.

If you feel suicidal, you just need to get connected with a helpline.

It's important to support and care for a friend who is very depressed. But you probably can't make your friend's depression or suicidal feelings go away.

Depression can get better with the right attention and care. A psychologist, psychiatrist, or other therapist can evaluate and diagnose depression and create a plan to treat it.

The most important thing a depressed person can do is to get help.

If you (or a friend) feel unsafe or out of control, get help immediately. Tell a trusted adult or call suicide helpline.

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