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Guidance imperative in order to achieve your goal! - 15-Apr-2021

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In short, in the previous episode on motivation we saw, motivation drives the persons subconscious towards achieving the dream.

Many in our own time, who had a humble beginning; but with their unquenchable motivation, attained an unreachable summit of success.  

Motivation is the fire of wings that originates from the unconscious and becomes an urge within oneself.

At times, we may require external guidance for clarity and accompaniment for achievement. We may perhaps have role models who could be mentors and friends.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna is confused whether to fight his cousins on the battlefield. But Krishna, his charioteer and mentor, motivates him saying in the battlefield he has to do his duty, irrespective of the opponent is his blood relation or not.

The model or mentor, apart from being physically present, is a source of inner power leading to confidence and courage.

The purpose of guidance is to help one make a clear idea of achievement.

Once the goal to reach is clear, you should be able to visualize reaching or achieving the goal.   

A person should have a clear vision (goal) and at the same time concrete mission (action) to reach the objective.

When the destination is not clear or not known, one is likely to take deviation that never would take to the destination.

At that time, it is important to sit down and reflect on what you want to do and what you need to do as a student, collegian or as a scholar.

Finally, crystallising a clear and step by step plan for execution and eventually accomplishing it.

(Excerpts are taken from the book, Creating 25th hour, by Fr. Francis P. Xavier, Rector, LICET )  

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