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Fellowship for AI researcher interested in social cause! - 15-Apr-2021

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This fellowship grant in AI for Social Good is a new program to attract early career AI researchers with exceptional promise to Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI), IIT Madras.

The Fellows will be primarily drawn from recent PhD graduates, early career researchers in the following areas but not limited to: computer science, computational and data sciences, biomedical sciences, management, finance, or any branch of engineering.

The primary mission is to develop ML and AI-based innovations to a broad range of domains, including manufacturing, infrastructure, smart cities, financial inclusion, and healthcare.

Funded by The Narayanan Family Foundation, the Fellows will get a very attractive salary of 15-18 lakhs (approx. US$ 20,000 - 24,000) per year depending on the experience for a non-renewable term of 3 years.

The Fellows are also eligible for a one-time research grant of up to 30 lakhs (approx. US$ 40,000).

The Fellows are expected to conduct their independent research under the mentorship of the Centre in the area of AI for Social Good and will have access to high-end compute infrastructure and datasets at RBCDSAI.

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